Certified Mining Services


Mining equipment rebuild services and service exchange

CMS utilises dealer-trained technicians in a modern, well-equipped workshop to rebuild our own components, as well as our clients. The latest dealer information is used to ensure that all components are reconditioned utilising any updated parts or techniques, ensuring our end product is the best in the market, but at a discounted price to the OEM.

All our rebuilt products are tested to ensure they perform to specifications, while used components are generally inspected and tested to ensure that their service life is satisfactory.

Diesel engines, transmissions and power train components

CMS is pleased to offer the ability to rebuild large diesel engines used in mining, earthmoving, power generation and marine applications.

These include Caterpillar 3300, 3400 and 3500 series, 3116 and 3126, and the later 'C' series engines. Komatsu 140 and 170 series and the Cummins QSK series.

Mechanical drive transmissions, differentials, final drives, wheel ends and torque converters to suit Caterpillar and Komatsu are covered.

Large hydraulic excavator components

Major components for large hydraulic excavators are catered for by CMS, and include items such as pump drives, swing boxes and final drives.

Components for RH120E, RH120C, EX1900, EX2500, EX3600 and EX5500 and Komatsu PC3000 models are available.

Electric drive truck alternators and wheel motor rebuild services

CMS offers specialised rebuild services for alternators and wheel motors in electric drive trucks such as the Komatsu 730E, 830E and 930E. CMS can offer these motors on a service exchange basis, or rebuild customers` own units when required.

Used mining equipment components / dismantled machines

CMS buys used mining equipment for dismantling or on-selling. All used components or parts are inspected and tested to ensure integrity before being shipped to the customer.

Due to our global connections with owners and operators of mining equipment, we are always interested to know of pending equipment retirement, or if you are searching for a machine.

Surplus new parts and components for mining equipment

CMS is also able to source a large range of new genuine and replacement parts for mining equipment. All parts sold are of the highest quality and components are previously unused.

Mining component warranty and customer support

All rebuilt and service exchange components come with a six-month warranty as a minimum, while inspected used parts and components carry a three-month warranty. We have close relationships with a number of organisations globally and our own service representatives are based in a number of countries to ensure that we are able to provide customer support for products.

If you own or operate large mining equipment, CMS` services can enable